Regimental Management

 This is an at-event full-time role.

Regimental staff roles involve quite a diverse selection of duties. The primary responsibility is to write plot and plan encounters for the regiment you are part of, having a good understanding and creative vision of the overall theme of the regiment. Regimental staff also act as liaisons with other departments within GC staff, maintaining good communication with the crafting team, global plot writers, and merchandising departments. In addition, regimental staff attempt to improve player relations through social media outside of events, and maintain up-to-date regimental lore documents.

During events, the regimental refs provide the platform for players to interface with the game itself, appearing as the in-character command team for the regiment. They run out regimental encounters, supply Monster Crew with pre-encounter briefings, maintain contact with Stage departments, act as the first point of contact for players, and must think on their feet to make adjustments to encounters based on player actions.

This role requires flexibility and improvisation, and the ability to provide an exciting, changeable experience to players whilst sticking to a schedule. Good communication and time-management skills are highly recommended, and having confidence in writing or game-mastering is very handy!

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