Stage – Monster

This is an at-event full-time role.

The Monster department coordinates and manages the NPC team (both full-time Monster Crew volunteers, and players during monster slots). Between events, they maintain communication with the Monster Crew via social media, which includes administration of the Facebook group, answering crew queries, determining Monster Crew attendance for upcoming events, and so on. After each event, Monster staff also collate all NPC encounter reports and forward them to the appropriate departments.

During events, they set up Monster HQ and help to keep it organised, coordinate and assign roles, make sure that pre-cast players and crew know when they are required, assist with pre-encounter briefings, run out encounters alongside plot teams, organise supporting activities such as dart checks and dart sweeps, and pack down Monster HQ after events. 

This role requires the ability to take responsibility for tasks and carry them through, as well as good organisational skills, the ability to coordinate and manage large groups of people, and to think on your feet. The game circumstances often change, so being able to keep calm when things don’t go to plan is a definite plus.

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