Site Management

This is an ancillary role.

The Site Management team is responsible for researching, booking, and maintaining event sites. Outside of events, they maintain communication with possible sites, event caterers, traders, medics, and sanitation companies to plan the logistical support required to run an event. They coordinate with other departments to maintain an inventory of all items in the GC storage container, and keep it tidy and well-maintained between events.

Before each event, they communicate to regimental teams and volunteers to determine setup crew numbers and duties. During events, they oversee the setup and takedown of tents, IC and OOC environments, and set pieces (working closely with the immersion team to do so), plan site walks to ensure the safety and security of the site, and assess any hazards the site may pose. 

This role requires good communication skills and the ability to maintain rapport with an array of individuals outside of GC staff and useful contacts within the LARP community, along with the ability to coordinate and manage large groups of people. There is also the possibility of manual labour required during events.

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