Room Booking

Instructions for Room Booking

  • There are a number of 2-person and 6-person rooms available. If you are interested, please first email to confirm availability for the number of beds you require. Please title the email with the subject ‘Room Booking Enquiry’.
  • Upon confirmation, you will need to transfer £25 per bed reservation to via paypal. Please make a note in the paypal transfer of your full name, and the names of any individuals who will be sharing your booking.
  • Once this step is complete, please send a second email to with the subject ‘Room Bookings’, and include the PayPal reference number.
  • You will receive a confirmation email that will include the names of those sharing your booking.

Please note that this service is for over 18s only. The individual named in the booking will be held responsible for the condition of the room when it is vacated.

Note : Beds are supplied with a mattress only, you will need to provide your own sleeping equipment.

Room Usage Rules

  • The individual named in the booking is responsible for leaving the room as they find it. All rooms will be checked before guests enter and once they leave.
  • Please try to limit social gatherings in the rooms. They are intended as places of rest, and social gatherings should be held in communal meeting spaces on-site.
  • Any damage to the room will be held accountable to the individual named in the booking, any damages will need to be paid in full.
  • Please take off or clean footwear before entering the dormitory buildings to prevent tracking mud and dust in.
  • Cleaning equipment will be made available near the entrance to the dormitory buildings.
Example of 2 Person Room
Example of 6 Person Room