Immersion Team

This is an ancillary role. 

Immersion staff have jurisdiction over the aesthetic side of events. Outside of events, they plan the setup process alongside Site Management to fit in with the vision of GC, research and visit the sites that will be used for future events to determine how to increase the realism and immersive nature of the game, plan technical details (such as lighting, sound, social spaces) and coherence of the play area as a whole, and assist in sourcing lighting, power, audio tech and set pieces for these purposes.

At the beginning of events, immersion staff will work alongside setup crews to help them to set-dress in-play areas in a way that maintains the theme of GC and the current plots in play, as well as make out-of-character areas such as the Games Organisation Desk and OC camping areas feel consistent with the game itself. 

This role requires creative vision and a good understanding of the creative and thematic goals of GC. Experience in set building, sourcing of equipment, or expertise in sound and lighting are especially useful in this department.

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