Front of House

This is an at-event full-time role.

The Front of House team is the customer service department of Green Cloaks. During events, they staff the Games Organisation Desk where they welcome new arrivals, assist with character creation, take payments, assemble player resource packs, handle in-game crafting requests, and provide support for players during the game.

They also supervise the GCMS database; for example, if a player needs help in updating their character, or applying experience points, the Front of House team can make the changes for them. Between events, the team monitors the GOD mailbox and GC Facebook groups to answer any queries which fall under their remit. 

Since this is a customer-facing role, we are looking for candidates who are comfortable communicating with customers, and are happy to interact with people for long periods of time, able to maintain a professional attitude under pressure, well-organised and good at multitasking.

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