This is an ancillary role.

The Ethics team works alongside the system’s writers, checking all written plot documents and lore projects before events to ensure they adhere to our ethics standards, liaising with external ethics consultants, and advising writers on the best ways to update released content, keeping it to a high standard that is appropriate for all our players. During events, the Ethics team acts as free-moving support staff.

The themes that a system like Green Cloaks draws upon are varied in their complexity and seriousness, with narratives that sometimes reflect real-world struggles and hardships. We need a team with a diverse range of skills, experience and knowledge suited to ensuring that our exploration of these themes and our game practices ensure a non-hostile out-of-character environment.

In particular, this position will require not only a passion for LARP and a respect for the wellbeing of others, but also real-world experience of conflict resolution and interpersonal management, and a deep understanding of ethical and cultural sensitivity.

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