2022 – E2 Operation Megaera

2nd to 4th Sept 2022 – Frylands Wood

Transmission incoming, please stand by…

>Transmission ident: #41FJG78S

>Transmission encrypted; attempting decryption…

>Transmission timelocked.

>Decryption failed.

Pre-booking deadline: Friday August 26th, after that you will need to pay on arrival

* Booked online: £60

* Pay on the gate: £70

* Day tickets: Friday £25, Saturday £40, Sunday £25

* Location: Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre.

* For car drivers, input CR0 9AA into your satnav and when you reach your location, follow the Green Cloaks signs.

* Nearest station: South Croydon

* Players may begin arriving from 12:00pm on Friday

– Player brief/refresher: 6pm Friday

– Time in on Friday: 7pm – Midnight

– Saturday time in 10am – Midnight

– Sunday time in 10 am

– Time out on Sunday: 3-4pm (ish) battle dependent

* Players to have vacated the site on Sunday by 7pm

* For rules, booking or GCMS queries, please email: god@greencloaks.co.uk

* For crafting or rituals queries or research submissions, please email: crafting@greencloaks.co.uk

* For general enquiries, feedback, monstering and anything else please email contact@greencloaks.co.uk

* Visit our website at http://www.greencloaks.co.uk

* Book online at http://www.greencloaks.co.uk/book-online

* Manage your character online at: https://gcms.greencloaks.co.uk