2023 E1 – Operation Sputnik

EVENT DATES • 4th to 6th Aug 2023

LOCATION • Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre

POSTCODE • CR0 9AA (when you reach your location, follow the Green Cloaks signs)

NEAREST STATIONS • East Croydon / South Croydon (train) • New Addington (tram)

NEAREST BUS ROUTES • 353 & 433 to Featherbed Lane • approx 1 mile / 20 minutes walk from site

PRE-BOOKING DEADLINE • Friday July 29th (after this date, tickets can only be bought on the gate)




Player arrival • 15:00

Player brief • 18:00

Time In • 19:00

Time Out • 00:00


Time In • 10:00

Time Out • 00:00


Time In • 10:00

Time Out • 1500/1600 approx.

Players onsite deadline • 19:00

ULEZ – Please be aware the site is on the Edge of the ULEZ if you wish to avoid the charge please plan your route appropriately.

Transmission incoming, please stand by…

>Transmission ident: #91I98AW

>Transmission encrypted; attempting decryption…

>From: Novus system command: NS auth-code #j1163 …

>Valid Auth, parsing message.

>Level 4a encryption, priority 3

>Decryption complete.

Recipient(s): The Green C

Recipient(s): The Green Cloaks Task Force.

Subject(s): Orders, Deployment 1 6023

Campaign Designation: Operation Sputnik

Message Reads:

Members of the Green Cloaks Task Force,

Welcome back to the Novus sector – I hope that you all had time for plenty of R&R on return to Segovax. After the last 4 years, you all deserve it! 

Now it is time to get back to work. TSN intelligence has been picking up strange signals emerging from what we understand to be an abandoned One Bakkar station on a dwarf planet in the Akrog system. TSA and TSN high command want us to check this out in case there are any One Bakkar remnants left there. Even if not, the potential for technology, resources and intelligence are significant, and if the signals we’re picking up are due to other people having a look around, well we want to ensure anything left there doesn’t fall in the wrong hands. 

The complication is that the second planet in the Akrog system, Libertalia, is inhabited. We’ve had some dealings with the Libertalians on Geir, where they proved keen to support the Geirite resistance against the Satori. So we are in their good books for that. But they seem inherently suspicious of any organized government or authority and so have refused to let us land on their planet. They seem reasonably happy to let us explore the base however – but given that they are hardly speaking with a united voice, we can’t discount some of them taking umbridge with our presence. 

It should be a straightforward return to Novus… but we all know that’s rarely how things pan out. Whatever happens, just remember, the more we do here in Novus, the safer Segovax will be.    

See you all (dwarf) planet side. 

Brig M. Aurelian

>Message Ends

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