2022 – E1 Operation Alecto

5th to 7th Aug 2022 – Frylands Wood

Transmission incoming, please stand by…

>Transmission ident: #91I98AS
>Transmission encrypted; attempting decryption…

>From: Novus system command: NS auth-code #j1163 …
>Valid Auth, parsing message.
>Level 4a encryption, priority 3
>Decryption complete.
Recipient(s): The Green Cloaks Task Force.
Subject(s): Orders, Deployment 1 6022
Campaign Designation: Operation Alecto
Message Reads:

Members of the Green Cloaks Task Force,

This is a notification of the rescinding of the Trojan protocol; head to your regimental rally points and begin reconstitution as fighting units. Command staff will in then provide further orders for rendezvous with other task force elements.

As a result of the civil war, the self styled “Sartori republic” has made large gains in the course of the war, and now stand at a crucial juncture on the road to their goals, and this must be prevented. As a result the Green Cloaks Task Force needs to be deployed in various capacities to interdict and halt this course of events from unfolding. We will still be operating outside of conventional logistical command, therefore you will need to source equipment wherever you can, as the Proteus and Invincible are still out of our hands as assets.

Additionally, compliance with the transmitted Case Scenario: Pale Citadel is in effect, and this is expected to be enforced by members of the military police. It cannot be stressed enough how much civilian cooperation is likely to tip the balance of the conflict in the coming months. To that end, we recommend the impact on non-combatants is kept to the minimum practicable level, so as to not aid Republican forces with their plans, and potentially to gain local support for our own.

Keep each other alive.

Novus System Command
>Message Ends

Pre-booking deadline: Friday July 29th, after that you will need to pay on arrival

* Booked online: £60

* Pay on the gate: £70

* Day tickets: Friday £25, Saturday £40, Sunday £25

* Location: Frylands Wood Scout Outdoor Centre.

* For car drivers, input CR0 9AA into your satnav and when you reach your location, follow the Green Cloaks signs.

* Nearest Train station: South Croydon / Nearest Tram Station: New Addington

* Players may begin arriving from 15:00 on Friday

– Player brief/refresher: 18:00 Friday

– Time in on Friday: 7pm – Midnight

– Saturday time in 10am – Midnight

– Sunday time in 10 am

– Time out on Sunday: 3-4pm (ish) battle dependent

* Players to have vacated the site on Sunday by 7pm

* For rules, booking or GCMS queries, please email: god@greencloaks.co.uk

* For crafting or rituals queries or research submissions, please email: crafting@greencloaks.co.uk

* For general enquiries, feedback, monstering and anything else please email contact@greencloaks.co.uk

* Visit our website at http://www.greencloaks.co.uk

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