The vrede appear to despise war in all forms, seeing it as a barbaric last resort; however when they need to fight they are devastating, boasting high-tech weaponry and defensive equipment, and the minds of their tacticians are unparalleled. The actions of the vrede when the One Bakkar had almost pushed as far as Terra undoubtedly saved the human race from annihilation.

A new generation of vrede has recently been given permission from the vrede collective to join the

Terrans and learn more about galaxy outside their area of space. From these vrede humans and other species have learned more about this elusive race. They have discovered that the vrede are a highly organised and efficient race, with a strict hierarchy built on the generation of their birth, with the earliest generations at the top and each generation below increasing in size. Each generation has authority over the younger generations, and these younger ones will follow the older almost without question. Reproduction – and information about it – in the vrede collective is strictly regulated and the vrede found among Terrans have no idea how it occurs.

The vrede lifespan is unknown, however it would seem to be many times that of a normal human.

This also makes it hard to track the age of the vrede collective by generations alone, as it seems the birth of a new generation is decided upon by the upper generations and is not after a set time.

The latest generation refer to themselves as the 25th and claim that they were born with the purpose of travelling outside the collective to learn from and assess the other races in the galaxy.


They are part of an expeditionary force sent by their government to act as information gatherers, emissaries and their representatives among the allied peoples as well as additional support for the Terrans. The vrede, ever secretive and never wishing to give up an advantage, opted not to inform this generation of the inner working and details of their collective so that in the event of capture the information would not be at risk. As such the 25th know little beyond what is stated here and claim never to have met a vrede above the 20th generation; none know the whereabouts of the vrede home planet.

Vrede are demi-shapeshifters. They can slightly change their physical appearance but not their skin colour, which tends to be one colour with slight variations of shade. Some are even patterned with stripes or spots. This includes any clothes they appear to be wearing as they are simply extensions of the vrede's body. On rare occasions vrede will wear limited human-style clothes, such as a tie or waistcoat, but this is more out of curiosity about human culture and their obsession with fashions. They will seldom fully cover themselves, as this limits their shape shifting ability.

Each vrede carries advanced technology for their protection, know as vrede-tech. They are fiercely protective of it to the point where most vrede-tech is programmed to deactivate permanently upon the death of its user or if tampered with incorrectly. Vrede will go to great lengths to recover vrede-tech not in the possession of a vrede.

A vrede will never refer to someone by rank unless they are in their direct chain of command, and are highly secretive individuals as befits their race. They consider it an insult to the intelligence of whoever they are talking to to be completely frank, and it is good practice to allow another to find the hidden catch in a deal, or the half truth in their words. This does not mean they are untrustworthy, however it means making deals with the vrede becomes an interesting endeavour.

One thing is certain however: if a vrede is being totally frank and honest with you about a deal, battle strategy, or in general conversation, they are insulting you.

Physrep requirements

Whatever form vrede take they are always a unified colour, though a rare few show spots, stripes or similar. Any clothes worn are actually an extension of the vrede's skin. However, this does not extend to kit such as ammo pouches or boots etc. All skin and clothes worn must be of the same colour, allowing slight variations of shade. This goes for spots and other patterns as well. All weapons and equipment should look of a high quality/high technology level.

Vrede names

Vrede are given designations of generation and number as a name by the collective. However, the generation of vrede that has been sent out into the wider world, and joined the Terran Sovereignty Army, have found it prudent and conducive to the development of connections with members of other races to take on names from other races. They tend towards human names as these are the majority race in the Terran Sovereignty Army. Given that vrede are shapeshifters, gender is an alien concept to them. As such, a vrede may have any name they choose.