Up until recently the reptilian tae'go were an elusive nuisance for the Terran Sovereignty Army. The only contact with them was their lightning-fast raids on food and weapons supplies. Their stealth and agility are far superior to anything encountered by the Terran Sovereignty, and the targets of the tae'go are rarely aware of their attackers before it's too late.

Having long ago fled the destruction of their desert homeworld, Tazrak, at the hands of the One Bakkar, the tae'go have been moving towards Terran space, making use of what little shelter they could find on inhabitable planets. Rapidly running out of room, they hid on the fringes of the Terran Empire, dotted across the front line and living in small camps and communes. After a few years of enmity, negotiations were opened with the tae'go and an agreement was eventually reached. Able-bodied tae'go would be folded into the Terran military and be deployed on the front lines along with Terran forces. None will speak openly of their home… to return to tae'go space, they believe, is to invite death.

Tae'go are a highly nomadic people with a strong emphasis on family ties and kinship. Their traditional clothing is designed to be light yet suited to a desert climate. When not on covert missions they usually wear head wraps and long, simple robes designed to protect them from the sun. Many adorn themselves with gold (or at least gold-looking) jewellery, and this is generally seen as a status symbol. When the need for stealth arises they clothe themselves in dark, neutral colours to suit the terrain, making sure the garb is light and easy to move in. They consider massed charges, and other direct action, foolish and risky, and believe that even the largest enemy can be taken down with enough patience and carefully applied force.

Due to their highly patient nature, probably stemming from their cold-bloodedness, an even-handed tae'go can make an excellent diplomat, however they apply this patience in many aspects of their lives as they wait for opportunities to arise. Because of this tae'go also make the finest assassins and thieves, and since their merging with the Terran Sovereignty you will find tae'go in many professions, from scouts on the front line to hitmen in the employ of criminals.


Physrep requirements

The tae'go are a reptilian species but are as varied as humans. Some have snouts, some have tails, some have frills, some have all three. Being from a very hot climate, the tae'go must wear thick, heavy-looking clothing to keep warm so their metabolisms do not slow down. If a tae'go gets too cold they become sluggish and slow, which can be dangerous when running from an aggressor. Therefore, a player must physrep wrapping up warm unless the IC climate is particularly hot. Cloaks and shawls, for example, will achieve this effect (please note that if the OC climate is too hot to do this, referees will take note and you will not have to wrap up warm!).

Tae'go names

Due to the reptilian bodies of the tae'go, their language is sibilant, often putting emphases on an "s" , "z" or "tz". It is not unknown for them to hiss slightly, in particular when threatened. Tae'go names reflect this language.


Female names – Krizzt; Sarassa; Larask; Drackt; Tzilisk
Male names – Draszz; Sarass; Isklan; Zassk; Siszlak