The recent history of this species has been riddled with exploitation and slavery since the war swept over their homeworld. After the One Bakkar ravaged their planet with technology and firepower far more advanced than anything the mascen possessed, they were enslaved in the wake of the ruin by a private organisation called the Terran Battlefield Reclamation, who fronted the atrocity by claiming they were salvaging anything left from the battle.

The slavery went unnoticed by the Terran Sovereignty until long after the mascen homeworld had disappeared behind the One Bakkar front line. By the time they had been freed and protected by Sovereignty law, there was nothing for them to return to. Many of the mascen adapted, forming tribes scattered throughout the Segovax cluster on the edges of Terran space. Many joined the military to aid the fight and reclaim their homeworld.

The mascen are unique in that they are comprised of two separate sub-species. They have a simple names for things, and this is also true of the names they have given to these sub-species: "big'uns" and "little'uns". Mascen big'uns are typically primitive, violent, and bloodthirsty. They are tougher than the average humanoid and able to withstand far more punishment than a human before being incapacitated. A common saying among soldiers fighting alongside them is "when bullets start flying, hide behind a big'un". Their skin is usually green or grey and they have small horns protruding from their foreheads. Their ears also taper to a point.


The little'uns are responsible for building and invention, and given more time for their culture to develop they would certainly be a very innovative species. The concept of explosions is very appealing to these little'uns. As it stands, however, they have been thrust into a universe they were not ready for, and their tinkering is far more of an eclectic experiment that accidentally yields results than a careful and precise practice. Stranger still are the few little'uns that hold a shamanic position in the mascen society, and display an innate connection to the Omega.

Hierarchy in mascen society is not based on size, however. Big'uns do not view the little'uns as inferior in any way; no more than a 6-foot human thinks any less about a 4-foot human. Even though they are physically stronger they acknowledge the intelligence and organisation of the little'uns.

Physrep requirements

Mascen big'uns must appear to be quite bulky, and have green to grey skin with a pair of horns on the forehead. Their ears should be pointed. Their clothes are simple and tribal adornments are common. Their equipment, however, is supplied by the Terrans and thus can be the same as everybody else's. The little'uns must appear scrawny, with similar colour skin to the big'uns but no horns. Tribal adornments are encouraged for little'uns also.

Mascen names

Due to the guttural nature of mascen language, this species prefer one- or two-syllable names in simple alias style, often primarily consisting of nouns and adjectives. Hard consonants and phonetics are also common, such as ‘k', ‘sc', ‘t'. There tends to be little difference in female and male gendered names.


Grin, Skunk, Krot, Krunk, Brack, Tooth, Rocko