Humans are a widely varied species that has spread out across the galaxy and developed distinctive cultures on different planets, as well as sub-cultures and communities. As a species they are the quintessential jack-of-all-trades, and they can be found in all sorts of professions. In their discoveries of the planets and space beyond their homeworld of Terra, they have presented an imposing and engaging force throughout the galaxy, eager to make their mark, explore new territory, share scientific advancements and technology, and adopt new languages and cultures.

Wherever they populate, humans create thriving and rich cultures, and they are often very nationalistic. Due to the varied nature of this species, human attitudes and actions vary widely, accents may differ, and clothing will not only be worn for practicality and comfort but also for fashion and affiliation. Since forming alliances with non-human races, humans have adopted some of the fashions of those races, often depending on the proximity of their home planet to that of the non-human race.

Humans are also versatile, and often adopt the approach and attitude of the species they interact with the most: a human who spends a lot of time working with mascens is likely to become more brusque, blunt, and bold, and perhaps add tribal adornments to their clothing; a human in close diplomatic relations with myr'na may speak more gently than their human friends, and cultivate a calmer, more peaceful attitude to life. 


A typical human lifespan is around 120–150 years, however this is significantly affected by the planet they live on. Humans commonly die at a younger age than this, as their species discovers new diseases that they have not built a tolerance for, and as they are perhaps the most risk-taking, inquisitive and explorative species, engaged in the bloodiest warfare against the One Bakkar. Humans have colonised many planets over time, and those that have withstood the challenges of colonisation, and the threats of the One Bakkar expansion, have developed a unique culture, as well as training and fielding their own military force.