"Ayauku Skyline" © 2016 Johanna Scott-Bennett, used with permission.

The Planet Ayauku: an Overview

Pronunciation: eye-AH-koo
Name of the people: myr'na (sing.) / myr'na (pl.); pronunciation "meer-na"

Ayauku is a beautiful planet, with colours so varied and vivid that it makes me wonder how humans could have lived for so long with so little brightness in their lives. As I sit looking out from our home in the Kasaijōka province, the Raijin crackles thunder and lightning across the horizon and I watch the moons make their ways across the sky. There is always a feeling of calm along with the storm; we have weathered it for millennia, and we shall do so for millennia to come.

The mysterious myr'na are the most recent species the Terran Sovereignty has made contact with. They are a spiritual and peaceful people who are close to the Omega. They are blessed with the ability to clear their minds and tap into this power, healing the wounds of themselves and others. They have a relatively long lifespan, around 200–250 years.

Myr'na skin is varying shades of blue or grey and their hair is always light in colour (white, grey or other very light shades). They dress in flowing, elaborate, brightly coloured clothing, adorned with bells and sashes; as they walk there is a soft sound that emanates from them adding to their air of mystery. Their faces are painted with ornate geometric clan markings.

Although the myr'na are able to channel the power of the Omega naturally from birth, the Omega is a dangerous place, filled with unimaginable horrors – if a myr'na loses themselves in their power, they are at risk of being consumed by it. To combat this, myr'na practice pacifism and restraint in all things, but will do their best to protect their friends without harming others. As a result of this, they are very conscious of their personal space. The act of touching another when not healing or without permission is considered extremely offensive.

Myr'na speech and communication continues the theme of pacifism and can appear to non-myr'na as sarcastic or passive-aggressive in the way its inflection is translated. Their body language as well is rarely aggressive, tending towards more subdued postures. However, this quiet, peaceable body language should not be taken as subservience: the myr'na are a proud race who value their extensive history of pacifism almost to the point of snobbishness when confronted by the human race. This is more prevalent in the older myr'na and those from higher-ranking clans.

If a myr'na decides they wish to eschew pacifism and fight, they must give up all but their most innate connection to the Omega for the rest of their lives, lest they become an uncontrollable danger to those around them. When a myr'na takes this oath, they sever their connection to the Omega and then paint their clan markings in red, indicating they will shed both their own blood and the blood of others. Over time, their skin will fade to a paler shade as the Omega leaves them and they may even lose their inhibitions about personal space and touching.

The myr'na claim that they have observed the Terran Sovereignty for some time, but have only recently decided to venture outside their home system. The exact location of their home system is not known by humans, but is rumoured to be some distance from Terran Sovereignty space. The age of the myr'na empire means that it is a race largely stagnant or in decline, but in recent times a cultural rift has formed between the older myr'na, who are set in their ways, and the younger generations, who wish to explore the galaxy beyond their home system and experience what the wider world and other races can offer them.

The Myr'na Alphabet and Numbers

The myr’na language is written vertically, and the first letter of each word is capitalised. Although there is some similarity in punctuation with the Terran common language, a few punctuation marks are different: ? = ?, ! = !, " = ".