Welcome to Green Cloaks

The Green Cloaks game takes place within the Novus Sector, a vanguard of the Terran Sovereignty as they move from their base on the star cluster of Segovax. Here they represent the forces of the Terran Sovereignty Army encountering new challenges, politics, creatures and threats. The decisions that the Green Cloaks make will affect all of the Sovereignty, as they defend it from threats both external and internal.

Join the regiments of the Green Cloaks as they seek to defend the Sovereignty, defeat their enemies and overcome the challenges of a seemingly hostile universe.

Upcoming Events

Dates for 2022 Mainline Events:

E1: 5th – 7th August, Frylands Wood, Croydon
E2: 2nd – 4th September, Frylands Wood, Croydon
E3: 14th – 16th October, Frylands Wood, Croydon

Check our Facebook page for more details and future event dates.

Green Cloaks, a product of Virium Entertainment, is a NERF-based LARP system founded in 2012 by Enys Coggles with collaborator Adam Wojcik. As a grassroots system it is perfect for individuals new to LARP wanting to try out the hobby, but it has plenty to also grab the interest of more experienced LARPers and roleplayers. The system offers a friendly atmosphere and an enthralling plot for people of all levels of LARP experience.

With a friendly game team always willing and able to help enhance your experience and gameplay, our aim is to ensure that you are encouraged in your LARP experience, and to bring new people to the hobby.

Thank you for your interest, and we at Green Cloaks look forward to seeing you at our events.